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Live Mint Epaper Pdf Download

It is a great Hindi novel written by Dinkar (Geeta) Sangghvi. The book is about the life of a couple, whose dreams got shattered due to the death of her father. The book contains all those events which affect someone’s life. The novel is full of emotions and drama. This novel is very good.

The book is very hard to forget because of the life experiences it has shown. The characters in the book are very well written and captured the best possible way. The characters in the book keep you glued to your seat and take you to places you have never thought of going. The book is very balanced and tells a story of a couple who becomes two when they face an unfortunate incident in their life. The characters are very well described and are well considered. The author has kept the emotions in check because of which the book makes you feel good for many times. The dramatic part of the book is certainly a must read because it keeps you glued to your seat.

The author writes very well and his expressions and use of words make the book very beautiful and a joy to read. The book is published by Juggernaut which is one of the best publishers of Hindi literature.

The novel is a part of the Crimes and Punishments series. After this book, we can expect another book of Crimes and Punishments series. They will not lose any grace if they fail to follow the format that is used in the previous books of the series.

I have not tried the sample chapters of the novel yet and if it is anything like the previous books in this series, we are in for a roller coaster ride of emotions. I am looking forward to reading the novel. I have also loved the previous books of this series. The writer has portrayed emotions in such a way that you feel compelled to read the book and feel happy about the lives of the characters. I would definitely like to read the next novel.

I will definitely rate this novel as five stars and definitely recommend it to all those who love books.

I like the touching and powerful characters in the book. The story is definitely a winner. Hats off to the author for writing this book.

I liked the way the characters are presented and how the author has linked the characters and their lives.

The emotions portrayed in this book are quite commendable. The book is indeed a must read. The characters are portrayed with lot of insight and the emotions are well depicted. The book is

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Live mint epaper pdf

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Live Mint Epaper Pdf Download

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No credit card is required to download the standard edition; however, premium edition users require a credit card to download. There are no ads and no silly distractions and everything is laid out in a really easy to use tabbed interface. This is a crazy good app that you have probably never seen before but it has made the app itself seem like a rookie.

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The print edition of Livemint will be available by midday, with complete digital editions also available by 11 am. You will be able to subscribe to the headlines of the print edition of Livemint, provided it is sent to you by mail.Q:

Getting values from collection in apex

I have a collection (this is the class that has a List type)
Class abc{

public List col;

//setters and getters

I know that the values have been added.
I do not know how to get the values. I have a process to run and I want to gather the values of the collection using a loop in the process itself.
Thanks for the help.


You will need to retrieve the records first using the getRecords() method of the collection. From the Apex Developer Guide:

The getRecords() method returns a list of all records in the specified collection.

As of Apex version 24.0, it is advisable to use the collection’s standard describe() method (see the below note) which includes a number of additional optional parameters.
Note: It is currently recommended to use the describe() method instead of getRecords() for SOAP API calls. For more information, see the Developer Guide.
If you plan on calling the DescribeSObject() method, follow the general steps outlined here.

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