A fantasy adventure that takes place in a land of myth.

You are an unknown hero who must struggle in the lands between.

In the Lands Between, you encounter various situations that you must overcome to survive.

Yukizome, a blade-wielding warrior, and Oboro, a sorcerer, each protect the city of Ikenia and the Elden Ring, and as the only heroes who live there.

But their fate is intertwined.

In the ever-changing Lands Between, you can experience together with others, and with ease, in an epic drama full of challenging quests and unexpected encounters.


Ineed (Oedo Tsukai) is a mobile game developer and publisher based in Tokyo, Japan.

The team at Ineed has more than 50 years of combined experience, including 20 years of game development.

For over 10 years, Ineed has been developing mobile games in a wide variety of genres for mobile terminals from smart phones and tablet computers to retro-style mobile phones.

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Elden Ring Game for Android


A new story of fantasy is unfolding in a vast world.

The Lands Between, a land ruled by warlords who still maintain a balance of power, are joined by the five pillars of the Elden Ring—a tower of light that rises into the sky.

Tarnished, a proud warrior of the Elden Ring is guided by grace and blessed with the power of the ring to become the hero of his own destiny.

Based on a fantasy world designed by Fumino Usami, an award-winning designer, Elden Ring is a completely new fantasy action role-playing game.

Expect a turn-based, fantasy action RPG with unique battles where foes’ movements flow like water and unleash a devastating attack.

Key Features

A Vast World

Explore a vast world that is divided into large plains and large dungeons. Walk and ride anywhere, and be free to go wherever you wish. The world is yours to explore, and each area has different quests and stories.


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Features accessible from the beginning, as well as through an additional tutorial.
  • Easy access to the most popular elements in the game.
  • Easy management of your inventory using the new bar at the bottom of the screen.
  • A distinctive camera style that allows you to view the entire world. Some rare dungeons offer special views through a low-angle camera.
  • More than 30 types of monsters, which cast spells and mow down your enemies.
    • Elden Lord-level monsters are very difficult to defeat.
  • Open-field dungeons are made more diverse by changing their layout and world types as you progress through the game.
    • More than 50 party partners in which only the characters who are equipped with the ring of Elenion can be selected to travel.
      • All party members have their own attributes and stats. Party attacks are extremely powerful.
  • Dynamic combat. When a party member has the +ATK effect, they will use that ability along with the effect of their equipped godly weapons and armor, and attack twice per turn.
  • Immensely wide array of godly weapons and body armors.
    • Weapons and armors have a huge diversity in upgrades.
    • Characters armed with a weapon cannot equip magic, armor, or items, and their combat power will naturally drop unless they are high-leveled.
    • After gathering materials to forge new weapons and armors, it is possible to craft great equipment that is even harder to obtain in battle.
  • Active skills and passive skills.
    • For players familiar with the characteristics of random battles, we will be introducing Active Skills and Passive Skills that have an effect in battle.
      • Active skills are activated by the player, and they will have an effect if that effect is appropriate.
      • Passive skills are activated by certain elements, and they will have an effect when triggered.
        • The amount of times passive skills can


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          Elden Ring is a game brought by Mad Cow Studios. It is a fantasy online action game, you will have to chase the protagonist, a tarnished vampire. You will be attacked by many monsters and a lot of people who will interfere. The best thing of this game is that you will be confronted with people who will make their way alongside you. If you succeed, you will be part of the church in the heart of the City of the Tide. The best thing of this game is that it has an auto-animation and full voice. You may also change the appearance of your protagonist when playing. Elden Ring is a difficult adventure but very exciting at the same time. You may also collect hundreds of weapons and many original items in the game. You will meet people who will prove to be of great help to you during your journey. You are going to meet another main character who will be in your company during the journey. You will also have the opportunity to perform different feats, some of them related to your weaponry and armor. The game has a multiplayer feature where you can, with the help of a friend, attack an opponent from a distance. It’s a very good game where you have fun, it’s up to you to decide if you will play it or not.So the idea behind this list is that it covers not just the classic movies that have changed and developed over time, but also shows that great movies can come from anywhere. Or at least, the books on the list were from anywhere.

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        From the official website, the official forum, and various social media accounts, Google Play often officially announces the release of a new game on Android.
        As a result of that, the pre-registration process for Elden Ring started in the official site on January the 5th last year. In the period between January and February, the game surpassed all expectations and became one of the most highly rated games in the history of mobile games.

        Interestingly, it was released in a period when the SEGA Mobile games published by SEGA Corporation, such as SEGA Mega Drive Classics and SEGA Genesis Classics, was vastly popular. But, according to some feedback on social media, the new VOEID game not only exceeded the market expectations that were expected, but also exceeded the expectation of virtual users.

        At first, it seemed that Sony ported the game from the arcade, because it looked like an arcade game. But, after several months of analysis, it was clearly found that all of the concepts and contents in the game were entirely separate from the arcade game.

        The game was highly anticipated, mainly because it was the game that was supposed to occupy the players’ time and interest throughout the entirety of the launch period, and the game rose more and more in popularity thanks to the legacy of the well-known series.

        Eventually, there was an official touch of the SEGA Mobile by the designers of the game. The company first released an announcement confirming that the game would be released in the autumn, and was finally released on April the 1st, 2015.
        And at first, Elden Ring appeared as a sensational arcade style game, but actually it was an RPG adventure. It was very rarely possible to expect that a game of this game would become so popular, but in the end, Elden Ring has accomplished what it



        System Requirements For Elden Ring:

        A video card must be installed on your system for AForge to work correctly. For best performance on older systems, please use a video card that is DirectX 9 capable, but there is no issue on Vista or Windows XP if you install the driver via Catalyst Control Center (Display Drivers).
        For Windows XP:
        You must have installed the latest available driver (version at the time of writing). You can get the latest version of the driver at


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