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Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood cheats:

The game is similar to the first game, it has all of the action, puzzles, fighting and combat, and all of the characters from the first Assassin’s Creed. This is mostly the only reason to play Brotherhood.
Akin to the first game in the series, this sequel is similar to the first game with the same protagonist, assassin Altaïr ibn-Jaldjan, and the same locations, however it differs from the first game in several aspects:
– The narrator is Juhani Pallasmaa who is a Finnish sports writer, not Michael McCann who was the narrator for the first game, but this makes no difference to the gameplay, the story and the overall plot
– The setting of the game is modern day Constantinople, which is different from the medieval setting of the first game, and several new locations (Erkinesmos, which was seen briefly in the first game)
-Several of the characters have been introduced in the second game, such as the young Altaïr’s fellow assassins, Sofia and Selim, the Master Assassin Ezio da Firenze, and the hero of the first game Haytham Kenway
– Jaffar, who is the successor of Haytham in the first game, is now the leader of the Sultanate (leader of the Assassin’s Brotherhood)
– Four non-player characters have been added, although only three of them play a significant role in the story:
– Piazza San Marco, the main square of the city of Venice
– Atila, the Sultan’s loyal bodyguard
– Sister Sofia, Ezio’s wife
– De Sica
Like the first game, this game contains many such puzzles as moving heavy crates to different positions, opening gates, moving levers, climbing or diving from heights and crossing large bodies of water, and finding hidden items. There are also some new puzzles with the new locations. For example, the assassin Ezio takes a cannon, and is instructed to take it to the highest tower of the city, the Piazza San Marco.
– Every level contains several guards with patrolling areas, and Ezio/Altaïr must avoid them. The first game had some of the levels mostly populated by enemies, but the guards were more discreet. Enemies in the second game include people on horseback, foot soldiers, bears, carriages, calvary, cannons, mounted archers, and Persian warriors.


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