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Earmaster Pro 6 Serial 12

free version music composition – Thousands of free music composition songs, MP3s, MIDI, audio and video effects, orchestration

How to compose music

earMaster is the FREE version that comes with all the essential tools to compose music, it comes with over 2000 professionally recorded instruments, 1026 prerecorded songs, 20,000 MIDI files in the orchestral, film scoring and rock genres, and 250,000 raw compositions.

earMaster PRO is an advanced composition tool that comes with the most advanced composition tools available on the market.

With earMaster PRO, you can:

Write and compose over 200 instruments, over 1000 loops and over 400 instruments; and:

32 bit processing in Pro tools, Reason or Cubase to edit music to your liking

With earMaster PRO and Pro Tools, you have all the tools you need to compose music at the most convenient tools available. Additionally, earMaster PRO contains all the sounds in MIDI that come with Pro Tools.

With this newest and most complex composition tool, you can:

Compose music and orchestral sounds with prerecorded raw songs, with over 150 genres and over 22,000 compositions. You can even use and change styles and genres, and also create your own instruments;

Record your music with MIDI and audio;

You can edit, mix and process your music any way you want, and also delete any part of the music if necessary;

Use the most advanced tools to compose music: add effects to sound, change the pitch of a sound, do an audio remix or perform a reverse remix, generate random loops and modify any parameter you want;

Create complex loops and sequences, or use loops or the library of loops to create complex guitar leads;

Import your songs from various sound format: MP3, ACID, OGG, FLAC, SFZ, WAV;

Convert your music into loops and sequences;

Create your own kits, drums, effects, groups and various other MIDI tracks;

Record with MIDI and audio, and use these parts and songs to compose complex scores with all the necessary playback capabilities;

Edit, manipulate and rearrange MIDI by segmenting and combining all the parts you want to edit;

Compose music with tons of themes, styles, sounds and effects, and over 220 instruments; and:

Listen to your music in songbooks, MIDI, audio and video formats to find and select


EarMaster+ enhances EarMaster with additional content for training, exams, presentations, and competitions.
earmaster plus 6 serial 12

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Choosing the best music player can be confusing, and it’s not easy to find something simple enough for beginners. New music player from the popular brands doesn’t help in this case. EarMaster is an alternative that offers a great and reliable solution for music fans.1. Technical Field
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