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Apple uses the WaterRower to promote health and fitness benefits from its exercise equipment, and to communicate key aspects of its indoor rowing machine to owners of its human-powered indoor rowing machines. In addition to the WaterRower, one of the human-powered rowing machine’s computer screens provides information to promote good health and sports performance.

There is no written warranty. The WaterRower’s warranty is limited to manufacturing defects only. For parts or shipping, the limited one-year warranty is not sufficient.

Please remember to obtain local manufacturer warranty information prior to purchasing.

What’s in the Box

The components in the Box

WaterRower: aluminum WaterRower (Model A)Dimensions: 62.2″L x 22.2″W x 17.7″H




An Amazing Machine

(This is a little late, but I just wanted to post something about the new WaterRower for 2010…)

If you are able to, don’t buy this machine until you have done your research. Go to the WaterRower website and download the software. Then read all the review sites, and read this one to see if it is for you:

I have used the brand new WaterRower since it came out and I must say that it is truly an amazing machine. It is a joy to use. It is truly a beautiful experience. I have had machines before but the rowing is the closest that I have found to swimming. Very strong, extremely quiet, effortlessly smooth…

the last one made a big comment on how smooth and quiet it was. But for me, it is more about the ease of use and the fact that the ergonomics are very good, and it has helped me do more exercise in less time, because I do not have to exert so much effort.

Best Exercise I’ve Done in a Year!

By iSir

Ok, I know many of you know that I am an avid runner. I have never owned a rowing machine before. But like most people, I tend to fall off my routine and then blame it on life’s busyness. So after seeing the demo video’s on the web, I wanted to give the machine a try. I have not run for a year now because of injury.

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