the app is purely a hookup app, but one that is still free. hornet is a hookup app that is free. it doesn’t require a credit card. it can be used anonymously or have a profile. there are no restrictions. can browse the site and swipe through different matches.

yes means yes and no means no. you can accept and no, talk to potential matches, and can accept a match, all at the same time. a no at any point means you can’t find a match. however, the one where you are accepting a match may not match with the other person, but the other way around may not work. matching is random, so you may have a great match and someone you’re not interested in a week later.

1. see if the site has been in business for a long time. if you’re looking for a serious relationship, your top priority is finding a long term relationship. what most people (well, most men) want is a woman with nothing but love for them. a service with a legitimate track record is more likely to produce genuine long lasting relationships.

2. look for clean filters. make sure to look at the ‘people around you’ options. these let you see who’s on the app around the people you’re already matched with. it’s a great way to see if the people in your area are on there and how many people you share the same interests as. also, look at the ‘geos’ or ‘interests’ for similar people on the site. if you really dig someone, it’s worth checking their profile page to see if they’re similar to you in interests.

3. wait until you can do the check out. you’ll want to find a site that allows you to be matched with someone without being matched with someone. in other words, you’ll want to see who’s on the site before you do. most dating sites are checking your phones in real-time to do this, making it possible to see who’s on the site without having to open the app. if you want to make sure you can meet in person, this type of app is important.

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