But, you should have a background as it can be easy to get a phishing mail if you dont know how to spot them. They might pretend to be the official company and then capture your details for the fraud. So, whenever in doubt, check the URL in order to see if it says Download software,, PDFs etc..

With this software, you can download almost all Android SDKs with one click. With all Android SDKs you can download Android source code (ideally starting at SDK version 19 with ADT), build all sorts of Android applications, and even compile pure Java applications, including those that compile into the Dalvik VM. Manifest dumps are an absolutely essential part of Android development, and Android Studio doesn’t have any functionality for getting them yet. JAR-sized files and compressed ZIP files are part of every Android project, and Android Studio will spend hours decompressing them for you. Also, this tool can automatically open the correct SDK settings, set the Android SDK path, and perform a required reboot so you can continue developing.

Wondershare OST to PST Converter: Wondershare OST to PST Converter software takes away the troubles of conversion for Windows and Mac users, and provides maximum software features which make it better than any other software in the market.

There are literally many online streaming sites, but most sites use streaming clients that don’t work in Linux. Thankfully with the help of TMPGEnc, you can use your computer and streaming player of choice, including Amazon, Foobnix, Xfinity, Hulu, SlingPlayer, etc to stream videos to any streaming site. Very cheap and easy to use, right click on the project file, press export, and it’s done.




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