you can find the registration code that you need to activate your phone in your phone’s contact list. when you activate your phone, a new registration code is sent to your phone’s contact list. once you have activated your phone, your new registration code is not anymore valid and will expire.

we store in our systems your registration code, license and email address. this will help us recover these information if they have been lost. you may request access to these data via the private/insecure apps for connect.sms or the secure apps for connect.sms pages.

to download the data:

  1. go to
  2. go to the using your android phone 
  3. tap the top bar, scroll to the bottom and tap on get code
  4. enter the registered code
  5. tap on the
  6. tap on the search bar (on the bottom of the page) and enter the date

you can go to the app store and you’ll find a list of content that you can download and register for. the shared registrations for codes, licensed messages and the number of times they’ve been used have been stored. in total there are 3 different types of registration codes in the android app. a registered code is considered used and can be used up.

using a registered code does not mean your message or code has been used. it just means that your code and message were used. this means it is possible to send multiple messages to the same code or same message to multiple codes. however, once a code has been used once, it’s been used!

using a registered code is perfectly acceptable, but they can only be used once. if you would like to use it again, you’ll have to go to the app store, download the code you’re looking for and register for it.


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