AmiPic Lite is a set of software tools designed to enrich your web searching experience. It provides a picture finder, a web spider, a file splitter / joiner and an Internet downloader.
This application can be used to search the Internet for that elusive picture, a new movie, fresh MP3 files and any web page that matches your search phrase. AmiPic Lite enables you to add and modify search engines manually and can easily save favorite site based on the content you downloaded.
When downloading sites, the application prevents unsafe HTML fragments to be copied – this includes scripts and applets. Users can easily block sites with unwanted content by blocking either the IP address or the URL in question. Users can import links directly from TXT, CSV or HTML files.
The application can also be used as a Usenet binary downloader with support for UUencode, Base64 and yEncoding. It also supports multiple news servers and simultaneous connections to each one. Files can be reconstructed from multiple parts, a process that is fully automated.
AmiPic Lite offers a file joiner / splitter that works seamlessly. It enables users to split a certain file by entering a specific size and output folder. The application also provides a detailed text search for the saved documents, allowing users to find what they want in a matter of seconds.
The program provides users with the ability to organize their data by creating separate projects. This enables individual managing of downloaded files and customization of each project. The application can be set to perform certain tasks, such as download hidden sites, auto scan Usenet or copy site. Even more so, users set the program to shut down their computer after the program has finished its tasks. AmiPic Lite can easily run minimized and can be launched on system start-up.


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Easy to use Internet Downloader. AmiPic Lite can be used to download content from the Internet. It includes functions such as web spider, file joiner/splitter, text search and many more.
– Web Spider: Find the URL of any website in your area.
– File joiner/splitter: Split any one file into several parts and join them together.
– Text search: Search and save the content of any website in various formats such as TXT, HTML, CSV, YEncoding, Base64, etc.
– Download hidden sites: Downloads hidden sites, such as telnet pages, which are usually not displayed on the web browsers.
– System startup: Set program to run automatically on system startup.
– Task scheduler: Set program to run a certain task when the computer starts up.
– Download in background: Download the downloaded files in background so you can browse the web or do other tasks while downloading.
– Sleep mode: Set program to run automatically in sleep mode so the computer can go into power saving mode after it finishes its tasks.

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yEncoding 1.1

yEncoding is a light-weight and fully-featured compression program designed for Windows. It supports all popular, standard encoding formats including Base64, BZIP2, DEFLATE, GZIP, LZW, ZLIB, UUENCODE, JPEG, GIF and PNG.
New Features:
– New simple encoder/decoder for each supported format
– Support for JPG images with various compression rates
– Improved encoder/decoder for ZIP and GZIP files
– Supports ZIP files up to 1 GB
– Full Unicode support
– Updated documentation
– New features for the fastest encoder and decoder
– Speed improvements

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List of Web Sites

List of Web Sites is a freeware that helps you keep a list of your favorite web sites and easily browse them later. You can easily add, edit and delete web sites from the list. The program can be set to display a specified number of web sites. It can automatically download new sites or add web sites to the list. It can also automatically add web sites to the list when the computer is idle. You can automatically download and automatically update sites in the list. The program also allows you to schedule a list to run at a specified time.

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This is an easy-to-use and versatile application, designed to make your job of text editing and searching easier and more efficient. It allows users to edit and find all sorts of files, including emails, documents and any type of text, voice and even images. Users can edit text, find text in any format and write text directly on the screen. They can create a dictionary from words, find the longest and shortest lines, and even find words in Unicode.
This tool also provides a complete web search, so users can search the Internet by file, keyword, site name or even URL, and even preview pictures, MP3 files and a number of other files. This tool is a complete Internet search and editing tool. The most important features include an emailer, editor, finder, organizer, web browser, and a full-screen file editor.
KEYMACRO Features:
– Integrated web browser
– System restart
– Full-screen mode
– Word-processing and auto-fill
– Dictionary
– Find word
– Shortest and longest lines
– Full Unicode support
– Email, FTP, news and web browser support
– Dictionary management
– Finds and opens files from all hard disks
– Finds and saves files
– Security for protected file formats
– Create notes, folders and emails, and save them all
– Backup to Outlook, Eudora and others
– Clipboard history
– Data compressor
– Directories scanning
– Filtering
– Speed up and gain new power
– Visualization
– Convert, combine, split and split files
– HTML support and HTML Editor
– Ability to find files and directories and read HTML files directly
– Specify keywords
– Manage HTML and PNG image files
– FTP management
– Integration of all third-party plug-ins
– Unicode support and special characters
– Tools
– Uninstaller
– Support for most types of files
– Support for most types of FTP clients
– Support for most types of email clients
– Full Unicode support
– Unicode symbols support
– Support for real and multiple windows
– Control of the shell window using hotkeys
– Ability to create a new project and create backups
– Multi-select and unselect files
– Ability to edit files with both text and binary mode
– Support for multiple documents
– Support for saving to the clipboard
– Ability to perform multiple operations simultaneously
– Support for the option to make system stops
– Support

AmiPic Lite Crack Download

Programming guide:
How to get the most out of your AmiPic Lite:
How to use your AmiPic Lite:
Key features:
★ Analyze web pages and search for pictures
★ Download links to pictures, videos and music
★ Detailed search of all saved sites
★ Analyze text files, such as TXT or HTML
★ Zip and unzip files
★ URL blocker – block an IP address or a URL from being downloaded
★ Web file splitter / joiner (compresses / restores files)
★ Support for all Internet news servers
★ Intuitive interface
★ Save data to disk
★ Support for Multi-threading
★ Save settings in the registry
★ Supports a number of languages
★ Minimized to system tray
★ Start minimized to tray on system start-up
★ Includes an uninstaller
★ Update notifications
★ User manual
★ Tutorial

★ One of the best image finder tools
★ Listing of all images in web pages is truly free
★ No registration required
★ Automatically downloads all images from every web page
★ Very easy to use, even if you’re not a tech-savvy user
★ A bundle of useful tools
★ Very fast download speeds
★ Available in several languages
★ Able to block suspicious links and sites
★ Powered by intelligent image search algorithms
★ Some users have reported that the program can potentially slow down the Internet connection
★ Links can be difficult to modify
★ Sometimes the tool can freeze while downloading a web page

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What’s New in the AmiPic Lite?

* Picture Finder: search the Internet and save pictures that match your keywords
* Web Spider: browse and save complete pages
* Internet Downloader: download images, music and documents from the Internet
* Picture Downloader: save pictures directly from newsgroups
* File Splitter / Joiner: split files into multiple pieces
* Internet Proxy: download content through a proxy server
* Multi-News Server: download content from multiple news servers at once
* Usenet Binary Downloader: download files using UUencode, yEncoding, Base64 and Base64-URL
* File Management Tool: edit project properties, add files, delete files and rename files.
* Multi-Tasking: launch one task and keep working until the application is closed
* Browser Bar: launch AmiPic Lite from the system start-up
* Auto Start-up: launch AmiPic Lite automatically after system start-up
* Unicode support (including fonts for all Windows applications): search the Internet in a fully Unicode-compliant way
* Advanced indexing: fast results and updated databases with the new files
* Keyboard shortcuts: easy-to-reach shortcuts are included. Use the F1-Help key to access a list of keyboard shortcuts
* Automatic File synchronization: save copied files automatically to other locations
* Localizations: Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, German, Polish, French and Greek. It can be easily translated to any other language.

* Two programs are included: AmiPic Lite and AmiPic Lite Full. They both have different features.

If you download AmiPic Lite for Windows, you get a trial version for 30 days.

If you download AmiPic Lite Full, you will be prompted for an activation code. This will be sent to the email address you entered when ordering the software.

Version history
The version number corresponds to the release date.

1.0.0 (release) 24-August-2005
Initial version.

1.1.0 (release) 25-September-2005
Added support for new data formats.
Fixed a few bugs.

1.2.0 (release) 15-December-2005
Added support for new Unicode fonts.
Changed the user interface.
Fixed a few bugs.

1.3.0 (release) 30-December-2005
Fixed a bug which prevented users from copying certain files.
Added Portuguese and Spanish localizations.

1.4.0 (release) 11-January-2006
Added support for Opera 7.51.
Added German localization.

1.5.0 (release) 15-January-2006
Added localizations for Dutch and Polish.
Fixed a bug which caused the application to not function properly.

1.6.0 (release) 30-January-2006
Added support for Opera 7.52.
Added Japanese localization.

System Requirements:

Game Information:
Please contact the game staff for more details
Please take a look at the announcement video and welcome post for more information.
This is a sequel game to the original Snow King’s Café!
In the previous café game, the protagonist met a mysterious character.
Now this character has followed you to the Snow King’s Café and your goal in this game is to entertain guests and get along with people.
– Characters:
★ You will get to meet a variety of different people and animals in

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